Air Combat Effectiveness Consulting Group, LLC

Our Credo

We are a Service organization. We believe our success must be grounded on service and honest relationships; that there is a higher calling in life than the pursuit of self-interests; that each of us is given unique and special gifts, talents and abilities to be used for a greater good.

The Customers’ Missions are ACE Group’s Missions. We believe ACE Group exists for the purpose of meeting our customers’ needs, and that any corporate function that detracts from our ability to provide our best in products and services can never be more than second in importance. We believe that any corporate practice that inhibits or precludes sustained superb support for our customers’ missions must be abolished.

Our Customers’ trust and confidence are more valuable than their money. We believe that our customers deserve our uncompromised honesty, integrity, loyalty, intelligence, moral and ethical behavior. We believe that earning the right to serve as our customers’ most Trusted Agents is the pinnacle of our corporate calling, and pursuit of that calling is more important than pursuit of profits.

Take care of your customers and take care of your people. We believe in providing intelligent leadershipTM in support of our customers’ greatest challenges and obstacles to success. We believe that servant leadership – caring and providing for our employees and subordinates – is a fundamental corporate responsibility. We believe that by focusing on meeting the needs of our customers and employees, our business will take care of itself.

In all things, practice the Golden Rule and treat others as you wish to be treated. We believe in common courtesy and that all people, not just customers and employees, should be treated fairly, with respect for their opinions and for them as individuals, regardless of any unique socially defined status.