Air Combat Effectiveness Consulting Group, LLC

Our Beliefs

ACE Group’s philosophy is simple: Our success must be grounded on service and honest relationships. We focus on meeting the needs of our employees and of our customers, and trust that, with satisfied employees and satisfied customers, the business will take care of itself.

We believe Service is the first priority: Service to God, to family, to country, and then to career.

We believe in Stewardship: Our customers entrust us with their reputations; our nation entrusts us with its treasures, and our service men and women entrust us with their lives. We apply our God-given talents and abilities to earn that trust in everything we do.

We believe we are obliged to “Pay it back/Pay it forward”: We gained and accumulated our knowledge and experience through the opportunities created by others. We will use that knowledge and experience to create new opportunities for ourselves and others.

We believe in keeping our priorities straight: We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, so we know the importance of accomplishing a mission successfully. Our customers’ missions are important to the Nation, and National objectives are more important than company objectives. We are dedicated to serving this great Nation.

We believe in integrity: Integrity is our most valuable commodity. It provides the foundation for our enviable reputation. The right decision today must still be the right decision tomorrow.